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Time and again agents want to know what postcard size is best, and the answer is simple: Bigger is always better! That’s why we recommend Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to agents who want to standout and rise above the competition.

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a mailing service that strikes the perfect balance between consistency and budget.  Because the USPS requires a larger format card to qualify for EDDM mailings you get the benefit of a high-impact postcard pieces, but you also get the benefit of a budget friendly postage rate as they’ve lowered the rate to $.176/card when you commit to an entire carrier route (to learn more about how EDDM works click here).

Below are 4 more ways your direct mail campaign can benefit from Every Door Direct Mail…

You Get To Stand Out Next To Smaller Postcards

With EDDM postcards, you stand out more. Because EDDM postcards are much bigger than regular sized postcards, you’re more likely to get noticed when inside a potential client’s mailbox. Combine your EDDM postcard with eye-popping graphics and an intriguing headline, and you can’t lose.

You Get To Include More Graphics

With EDDM postcards, you have room to include more graphics. You can not only include multiple pictures of listings, but much larger pictures with higher resolution. As a result, you are in a unique position to make an impression on potential clients from the outset, increasing your chances of generating leads.

You Get To Include More Information

With EDDM postcards, you have have room to include more information. From more detailed property information, information about upcoming events on a keep-in-touch postcard, or event more information on you EDDM postcards give you more flexibility.  In addition, you even have room to include your social media accounts or QR codes linking to properties, making your postcard modern and digital friendly.

You Get More Savings

With EDDM postcards, you save big money. This is because when you mail to an entire carrier route, the USPS offers steeply discounted postage. While a typical mail piece costs $.47 for postage, EDDM postage is only $.176 a postcard!

That means you save more than 60% on postage!

More results, more savings, more options and yet there’s no additional work on your part. offers a turnkey EDDM postcard service so you don’t have to worry about kitting, paperwork or having to take the postcards down to your local post office.  Call and speak to a support rep for any questions you might have, or to have someone give you a one-on-one walk-through.


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