Direct Mail Postcard of the Week: Making the Most of White Space and… Friendly Yard Gnomes?

Direct Mail Postcard

Why Is It Our Direct Mail ‘Postcard of the Week’?

  • Innovative & Eye-Catching Graphic – When is the last time you stumbled across a yard gnome on a real estate postcard? That’s exactly what went through our minds when we chose this design as our ‘postcard of the week.’ In a mailbox stuffed with junk, this postcard would undoubtedly standout and demand a second glance. The friendly nature and pop cultural appeal of yard gnomes also doesn’t hurt.
  • Great Spacing – Less is always more. When thinking about the many different ways a yard gnome could be positioned on a postcard, what makes this particular gnome so appealing is the effective use of white space around him. This postcard not only demands your attention by prominently placing a gnome in the center of the layout, but the white space keeps the design simple while avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  • Consistent Color & Branding – Colors are vital when trying to standout. However, the wrong colors can also divert attention or become a distraction. When looking at this postcard, the orange accents not only scream warm and welcoming, but don’t obscure important contact information. The color also remains consistent on both sides of the card, which is important when it comes to brand and layout consistency.

What Does Lisa’s Marketing Director Graham Thomas Think?

Expresscopy:  Overall, what was the goal for this postcard?

Graham:  This was Lisa’s idea, she has a gnome collection and hired a photographer to take these photos of various gnomes. She sends a “gnome of the month” each month to her sphere of influence for a year-long campaign. They also receive a tool that can help them, such as signing up for market watch.

Expresscopy: In regards to the design, what were you trying to communicate?

Graham:  We like to personalize each design based on the individual agent and send out a message relevant to their audience.

Expresscopy: Why go with a non-real estate design?

Graham: Some agents like to go above the standard real estate postcards and create custom designs for themselves. Some are more forthcoming with their preferences while some agents prefer more typical real estate designs.

Expresscopy:  Did you use any other marketing material when you send out a postcard?

Graham: We also promote on social media, our website, and sometimes door hangers, it varies per agent.

Expresscopy: Does each agent have their own style?

Graham: They like to be very personable, promote the John L. Scott brand and put their own style on the design.

Expresscopy: You typically send out our jumbo size postcard, what is it about the size you find effective?

Graham:  We can put a lot more information on the design, feels more important than the regular size, it is easier to design and does not get lost with all of the other mail.

Expresscopy:  How do you pull your address lists?

Graham:  The agents typically pull their own lists.

For more information about’s EDDM and targeted mailing list options, or to design your very own direct mail postcard, visit us at!

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