Design of the Week: The Fort Meade Homes Team



Why it’s the “Design of the Week”

  • Strong, Consistent Theme – The biggest strength of this piece is the consistency of the theme. The front of the postcard stresses the quick turnaround ability of the staff. The backside of the postcard reiterates this and backs up the claim by tying it to an offer.


  • Quick Turnaround – The visual display of multiple houses all being sold in less than 30 days is very impactful to the viewer. This tells the viewer that the realtor is not only active but successful.


  • Valuable Offer – Some companies place a token offer on the back that really has little to no value to customers. This piece offers customers something valuable to them that is also in harmony with the theme of the card.


  • Corporate Branding – The postcard has multiple points where they remind customers of the Fort Meade Homes Team brand. They also couple this with an established national brand in RE/MAX.


The Fort Meade Homes Team is a military family of realtors located in Fort Meade Maryland. The Fort Meade Homes Team specializes in getting quick results in real estate, homes for sale and homes for rent within and around the Fort Meade area.

Laura Roskelly is a successful realtor working for the Fort Meade Homes Team. With over 100 million in sales since 2000 she is one of the cornerstones of the Fort Meade Homes Team. Laura also handles most of the marketing for the team.


Josh Nelson: I see that you send out mostly regular-sized postcards with the occasional jumbo-size postcard, why is that?

Laura Roskelly:  We send out about 95% regular size postcards for our new listings and just sold properties. The other 5% are jumbo cards which we generally send out for luxury or multiple property listings.

Josh: How do postcards fit into your marketing plan?

Laura: We use expresscopy postcards to bring in new clients by showcasing our success as well as marketing new listings.

Josh: Do you use our mailing list or one that you created?

Laura: We actually make our own. We use the County mail system which allows us to target very specific areas. We’ve found it to be really successful.

Josh: What is it about your postcards that make them appealing to your customers?

Laura: Because I’m awesome! No, actually I think it’s because it is a concise way to highlight how good our team is. We really focus on our quick turnaround and how it benefits the people who are buying or looking to sell. I think most people think buying or selling a home is a long, drawn-out process and it doesn’t have to be.

Josh: Do you mail to the same group consistently?

Laura: Sometimes, we usually target where we have listings. We also mail a lot in the Piney Orchards area where we are always looking to increase business.

Josh: Is there a specific component in your cards that you think make them successful?

Laura: I think it’s because we focus on the customer. A lot of realtors use their marketing space to  tell potential customers  about themselves whereas we try and focus on presenting our listed properties in the best light possible with multiple photos and links to on-line virtual tours.

Josh: What kind of response rate do you usually get with your postcards?

Laura: Honestly, I don’t have an accurate number as our focus is to bring people into our website (which receives over 150,000 visitors per year). But I can tell you that I’ve had customers tell me that they loved my postcard mailing and had saved it for over one year because they knew by my presentation that they wanted to list with me when the time was right. I know they work and I allocate a large portion of my annual marketing budget on postcards with expresscopy.

Josh: What role does play in your marketing success?

Laura: It definitely helps my marketing a lot. It helps me pull in new clients and I can target very specific areas to market to.

Josh: Have you ever used our VIP Customer support?

Laura: Actually, yes I have. Your support staff does an amazing job. Whenever I have trouble with a design they just hop right in and help solve the problem. I’ve really noticed the quality of service has gone up over the last few months.

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