Design of the Week: Realty Executives Realtor, Sarah Smart


Why it’s the “Design of the Week”


  • Proven Track Record – When you have a proven track record of success you need to share it with people. The best way to gain credibility is to show them successes that others have recognized.


  • Great Photograph – Great lighting and curb appeal instantly draw the viewer’s eyes to the photograph. The photograph is very neat and organize and isn’t too large or too small in relation to the rest of the card.


  • In Sync with Branding – This card is compliments its branding by borrowing both the color scheme and font style to bring the whole card into harmony. It also displays the official brand logo on both the front and back of the card. Lastly, the angle of the Realty Executives sign gives a neat feeling of depth to the sign.



Founded in 1965 by Dale Rector, Realty Executives is an international real estate franchise and is one of the fastest growing franchises in any industry. We spoke with Sarah Smart, a successful realtor for Realty Executives who operates in many counties around Wisconsin.


Josh Nelson: Sarah it’s great to speak with you today. How do postcards fit into your marketing plan?


Sarah Smart: Well, I am a real estate agent they are an important marketing tool. I use them as notifications to tell customers and prospects about any properties that are Just Listed or Just Sold.


Josh: Do you do Open House postcards in addition to your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards?


Sarah: Yeah, sometimes I do. Not all the time, but I have from time-to-time.


Josh: What is your goal when you send out postcards? Are you looking for new clients, potential buyers, etc…


Sarah: I look at postcards as a great prospecting tool. Like you said, I use it for finding new clients and finding potential buyers for my clients.


Josh: So what is it about your postcards that prospects find so appealing?


Sarah: I think the content and the quality are two of the most appealing features of my postcards. If you do those two things well it makes it easier to stand out from the crowd.


Josh: It certainly doesn’t hurt! Do you mail to the same group consistently?


Sarah: Yes, I do.


Josh: In regards to consistency, do you mail a contact a certain number of times or do you send it out at a certain time of the month/year?


Sarah: I try to send out postcards about once a month that remind my customers of my success. I send those out in addition to my Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.


Josh: Yeah, we always preach consistency as a crucial factor in getting results with postcards. How do you determine the design and layout of your postcards?


Sarah: I try to keep a consistent design with all my postcards. The design was one I created awhile back, it was a combination of company branding mixed with a design that I use to represent myself as a professional.


Josh: Well you are doing a great job with it; it certainly caught my eye, especially the colors you used. What kind of response rate do you get with your postcard mailings?


Sarah: The last Just Listed postcard I sent out netted me 3 calls. I think I sent out about 300 cards. I always get responses I just haven’t tracked it officially.


Josh: Ok, well if you ever need any help or ideas for ways to track your postcards we recently posted a blog article that details how to get started doing that. What role does play in your marketing success?


Sara: I do all my postcards through you guys. I’ve been using for many years. You have excellent quality, affordable, and very easy to use. It seriously only takes me 5 minutes to upload my design and mailing list and then I am all done. It makes my day easier.


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