Design of the Week: Real Estate Agent, Veronica Costa


Why it’s the “Design of the Week”


  • Segment-Specific Text – Veronica uses the back section of her postcards to tailor the theme to fit whatever target audience they are going after.


  • Clean Layout – One of the biggest strengths of this Just Listed Postcard is that it has a clean layout which makes it easy to read and pleasant on the eyes.


  • Branding Consistency – By maintaining a consistent look and feel to her postcards Veronica is able to develop brand consistency with her long-term customers.



Veronica Costa is a realtor for Prudential and is located in Riverside, California. With over 11 years of professional experience, Veronica assists home buyers and sellers in North San Diego County and Riverside. Her client-first philosophy has allowed her to become a premier agent in the areas.


Josh Nelson: Hi Veronica, thanks for speaking with me today! You’ve been using for your postcards for quite a while now. What are you looking to get out of the postcard marketing?


Veronica Costa: Postcards are an effective marketing tool for reaching people. We use postcards as a way to create an initial touch point with potential customers which often ends in doing business with them.


Josh: So how do postcards fit in with your other marketing channels?


Veronica: The two marketing tools we use are our postcards and our website. Obviously, the website is not a great way to reach out to people so that is where the postcards come in. Postcards are the crucial link that helps drive people to either visit our website or call us directly.


Josh: Who is the target market you are going after with postcards?


Veronica: We usually focus on standard and distressed homeowners.


Josh: Do you send out the same postcard to both segments or do you run separate campaigns for each?


Veronica: We try and tailor our postcards to fit each segment. We run the basic Just Listed/Just Sold postcards for our standard segment. For the distressed homeowner segment we generally want to come across as more of a helping hand in tough times. One of the things we have found that really matters is the area you market to. For instance, if we are trying to sell a house in Riverside we might be better served to focus on keeping a tighter mailing radius and then moving on to other variables before sending out postcards.


Josh: Let’s talk about the design of your postcards. I noticed you are pretty consistent with layout and design of each postcard. Have you used other designs in the past or has it always been the same?


Veronica: It has changed over time; we’ve really stripped down to the basics and done away with a lot of text and just focused on pushing the main message.


Josh: Have you gotten a better response rate with these changes?


Veronica: Oh yes, the current layout gets a better response then our older designs. It takes time though. It’s important that the branding of the postcard is in harmony with the branding on the website and making those changes takes time.


Josh: Still touching on the design, I noticed that you have a few short sentences on the back of each postcard. Do you alter what you say for each postcard and does that impact the response rate?


Veronica: Yes, to both. We try and match what we say on the back with the target we are going after. Not only that but we try and pick a specific theme that is relevant to the listings we have.


Josh: What kind of results are you getting with your postcards?


Veronica: With some of our recent postcards we have received 1 listing and 3 potential listings. Postcards are getting the job done.


Josh: Veronica, thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. Any closing comments?


Veronica: We’ve been customers for quite some time and we always appreciate their great work.



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