Design of the Week: Oren Klein


Why it’s the “Design of the Week”

  • Layout:  On the AuctionAdvisors’ postcard, we see multiple property pictures creating the shape of the United States.  Not only is this layout eye-catching, but it visually communicates that AuctionAdvisors sells all types of real estate properties across the nation.


  • Call-To-Action:  AuctionAdvisors has a simple and clear call-to-action combined with something of value for the recipient, “Contact Us for a Free Auction Evaluation.”  Immediately following this is the phone number prominently displayed in a brightly colored box.


  • Color Scheme:  AuctionAdvisors brand colors are blue and golden yellow and by incorporating their colors into the postcard they’re leveraging existing brand awareness from other marketing activities.  Carrying these colors on the front and back also gives the postcard good flow.


  • Headline:  The white headline on the front pops off from the background and adding a shadow to the font adds a level of professionalism to the postcard.  The headline also concisely demonstrates the value proposition to the postcard recipient.



Oren Klein is a Managing Partner at AuctionAdvisors, which is a national company that specializes in the accelerated marketing and sale of real estate via auction.  They service all types of clients, from the largest national financial institutions to local developers.   In addition to their primary business which is the auction sale of commercial (retails, office & industrial), special purpose and residential real estate,  they also have a line of specialty services which includes: “foreclosure over-marketing”, loan sale advisory and auction services, bankruptcy auctions, general liquidation services (which extends business liquidations and the auction sale of personal property.


Erika Schmidt: So Oren, the postcard we’re featuring is the one with the clever USA graphic formed by property pictures and has the headline “Achieve Maximum Value” on the front.  To start off, how do postcards fit into your marketing plan?


Oren Klein: Direct mail is a major component of our marketing strategy.  We use a number of marketing mediums, such as email, but postcards always produce good results for us.  It is often the one simple message that resonates with potential clients.


Erika Schmidt: What exactly is your goal when you mail postcards?


Oren Klein: Our goal is to advertise the competitive advantage of our company and the effectiveness of our sales campaigns.  We want people to know about our business and convey that we specialize in all types of real estate.  Most importantly we want people to know that we have a history of success and bring a real value-add very personalized approach to every assignment.    We also have different ad campaigns where we want to surface potential buyers for the properties we are featuring.


Erika Schmidt: What is your response rate when you send out real estate postcards?


Oren Klein: It’s hard to say exactly because we mail so many types of postcards, but we know they’re working.  For example, we mailed a postcard three months ago and immediately got a call from a person wanting to buy the property he’d seen on the postcard.  We invest in postcards because we usually receive 30 to 40 times more revenue than what we spent.  Our return on investment is very high.


Erika Schmidt: Who is your target audience?


Oren Klein: We mainly mail to real estate owners and businesses.  However, the target audience can vary from postcard to postcard; it depends on the postcard’s content.  Often we mail to attorneys, consultants, Trustees or other advisors who are in a position to refer business to us or who have clients that might be interested in what we are doing.


Erika Schmidt: Speaking of target audience, do you mail to the same group consistently?


Oren Klein: We try to reach out and “touch” certain clients on a monthly basis, while others we send things to on a more discretionary basis.  I think sending multiple postcards to the same people makes AuctionAdvisors more relevant and standout from other competitors.  It also gives them a better sense of the breadth of our activities.


Erika Schmidt:  That’s great, we recommend consistency as a key success factor to postcard mailings.  On the design side, how do you determine the graphics and layout of your postcards?


Oren Klein: We always want to make postcards that are eye-popping and standout.  In the case of the postcard you’re featuring, it conveys that AuctionAdvisors is a national company that sells real estate in all markets.


Erika Schmidt: What components of this postcard do you think make it successful?


Oren Klein: I believe the design, layout, and colors make the postcard successful.  The colors are consistent with our look, logo, and other marketing materials, so people can easily relate back to Auction Advisors when they see our colors.  Another great component is our prominent phone number on the back of the postcard.  We want people to call us rather than go to our website.  We find we achieve a much higher closing percentage on the phone than having someone visit our website.


Erika Schmidt: Last question, why do you only use for postcards?


Oren Klein: The best part about you is I don’t have to call you when I’m ordering postcards.  You’re website is so easy to use.  All I have to do is upload a design, input a mailing list, and send it off.  If it wasn’t for your postcard services, our company wouldn’t be as well known and successful as it is today.



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