Design of the Week: Linda Craft & Team, Realtors


Why it’s the “Design of the Week”

  • Timely Keep-in-TouchKeeping in touch with past clients is important, because they’re a fantastic source for referrals and future revenue.  There are many ways to keep-in-touch with clients and giving them free VIP tickets to a popular movie is one way.  The offer of VIP tickets makes clients feel special and is a great way to say thank you.


  • QR Code – These are a great way to make postcard content more accessible to the viewer and Linda & Craft Team took full advantage of it.  With just a quick scan of this postcard’s QR Code, the person could RSVP for the movie in less than a minute.


  • Layout – This piece is easy to follow thanks to the text’s positioning and the balanced spacing.  The text flows from the top right corner to the bottom left corner on the front and is broken-down into sections on the back.  The balanced spacing helps guide the reader’s eyes to make the message easier to comprehend.


  • Color Scheme – Linda Craft & Team’s brand colors are black and red and by carrying these colors throughout the postcard they’re reinforcing their brand.  The black, grey, and white colors also match the movie poster’s colors which makes the postcard feel like one cohesive design.



Katherin Burnette is the Team Manager and Broker in Charge at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS.  Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, is the Triangle’s 3rd ranked real estate team located in Raleigh, NC.  Linda Craft & Team has been helping individuals and families find a place to call home in all price ranges for over 25 years.


Erika Schmidt:  I noticed you mainly use jumbo sized postcards, why do use jumbo over other sizes?


Katherin Burnette:  We find the 4” x 6” is too small and the panoramic is too costly, so we use jumbo postcards.  The jumbo postcards have a better presentation.


Erika:  How do postcards fit into your marketing plan?


Katherin:  We mail postcards every month and for special events, like The Bourne Legacy screening.


Erika:  What was your goal when you mailed this postcard?


Katherin:  Our goal was to keep-in-touch with our past and current clients.  We’ve rented out movie theatres in the past and shown movies like Star Wars, and these screenings are always big hits among our clients.  It’s important to keep-in-touch with past clients, because even though they aren’t using us now, they will use us in the future and they’re a great source of referrals.


Erika:  Do you mail to the same people consistently?


Katherin:  Yes, our tracking efforts indicate that mailing to the same group produces better results.


Erika:  You mentioned tracking, how to you go about tracking?


Katherin:  When anyone calls our office to set up a meeting we ask, “How did you hear about our team?”  and whatever their answer is we mark accordingly.  So, if someone says they heard about our business through a postcard, then we mark postcard.  We get a 5% to 8% response rate from postcards, which is pretty good considering we also do radio, TV, and other forms of marketing.


Erika:  Wow, a 5% to 8% response rate on postcards is great.  What response rate did you get from your Bourne Legacy postcard?


Katherin:  The event was a big success thanks to the postcards.  We only advertised this event through postcards and we incorporated a QR Code on the postcards to make it easy for everyone to RSVP.  The event filled up pretty quick and we had a lengthy waiting list.  Everyone was happy.


Erika:  Amazing, you got over a 25% response rate from mailing this postcard to a little over a thousand people.  Sounds like this postcard and event were a big success.  What role does play in your marketing success?


Katherin:  We’ve been using your services for the past 4 to 5 years and we’ve always enjoyed using you.  I love how easy your site is, the online chat feature, and the free lamination.  The postcard updates are great too; I always know when postcards are printing and being shipped.  You guys are great!

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