Design of the Week: LifePoint Christian Church


Why it’s the “Design of the Week”


  • Eye-Catching Graphic – The front of this postcard really catches the eyes of the viewer. Including images of popcorn and a movie strip to tie in with the theme of the card increases the effectiveness of the message.


  • QR Code  – LifePoint uses QR codes for many different things. In this particular postcard they have use QR codes to send people directly to their facebook page.


  • Bullet Point Segmentation – Using bullet points was a great way to separate individual movies and dates to allow the information to be broken up in a way that is useful to the viewer.



LifePoint Christian Church is a congregation located in Lake Mary, Florida. The church is home to 200 members.

Kel Cardin is the communications director at LifePoint Christian Church; she took a few minutes to speak with us about how postcards impact their outreach.


Josh Nelson: Hi Kel, thanks for speaking with me today. I see that you send out a lot of different postcards for a lot of different purposes. What are your goals when sending out postcards?


Kel Cardin: Really the goal with our outreach is to ultimately increase attendance. Usually we send postcards to people who attended for the first time and leave their information. That allows us to send them a friendly postcard and invite them to come back. But we also use postcards to get information out to our members.


Josh: So you mail different postcards to new attendees and current members? Do you mail to them consistently or is it a one time deal?


Kel: More than once. What we normally do is send out postcards every time we start a new teaching series as both a friendly reminder and as a way to prepare members for lessons. We also will send out postcards for any upcoming events.


Josh: I see you use QR codes. Have you found them to be a useful tool?


Kel: QR codes have been a pretty good tool to utilize. The feedback I have received is all positive. The great thing about QR codes is that I can pair the same QR code we use on our postcards with a poster for a similar event, for example.


Josh: Interesting, I see that the QR code for this Christmas event sends people to the LifePoint Facebook page. What other things have you used them for?


Kel: We have used QR codes for three different things: our Facebook page, our website, and for providing directions for big events. Sometimes for our big events I actually like to just send people to our website homepage so that it encourages them to explore our website to find the information. That way they can see extra information on our website that they might otherwise have missed.


Josh: You have a lot of different uses for postcards, what kind of results are you seeing across the board?


Kel: We like to track our attendance so that we know how many people attend on a week-to-week basis and I noticed that when we send out postcards the people who didn’t attend the week before tend to show up the following week. Having that friendly postcard reminder showing that we care plays a big role.


Josh: Kel, thanks for speaking with me today you have given me lots of great feedback! Is there any last thoughts you want to share?


Kel: Well just that I’ve using for some time now and it has always been a great experience. I really like how the laminate gives the postcards a nice glossy and vibrant look. You also give out great discounts often enough and it is always right about the time I want to order more.



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