Design of the Week: Dana Ehrlich, Short Sale Specialist

Why it’s the “Design of the Week”

  • QR Code on the front – With all the smartphones and tablets on the market, QR codes are a great way to provides easy-access to additional information. In this piece, the QR code takes us to Dana’s mobile website which is full of useful information all distressed homeowners should know.


  • Headline / Sub-headline – The headline and sub-headline set the tone for the postcard and cue viewers in to the fact that help is available. It is in synch with the graphics and color scheme which helps the overall effectiveness of the card.


  • Strong Support Graphics – The graphic used in this card is very effective. This card is aimed at distressed homeowner’s, which is a sensitive issue to address. To help combat this problem a blue background was used. Blue is a calming color which helps make the topic more approachable. The graphic ties- in well because it makes the viewer feel safe.


  • Color Scheme – The color scheme for this postcard is clean and consistent. Notice how the brand color (some shade of navy blue) is used only in association with the Dana Ehrlich brand.



Dana Ehrlich is a highly successful short sales specialist located in Los Angeles, California. In 2011, Dana joined eXp Realty, the nation’s first cloud-based real estate brokerage. Her success has allowed her to become the go-to agent for buyers and sellers in Westside Los Angeles.


Josh Nelson: I noticed that all of your postcards have QR codes prominently displayed on the front of all your postcards; can you talk a little bit about why you do that?


Dana Ehrlich: I think QR codes are a great tool to utilize. I feel like today’s consumers are tech savvy enough and with all the smartphones out there that most people know what a QR code is and how to use it.


Josh: Absolutely, QR codes are definitely becoming a useful mainstream tool. I noticed on your QR code you used it to send people to your mobile website which was full of important information your audience would want to know. How do postcards fit into your marketing plan?


Dana: I am a short sale specialist so postcards are important to what I do. It allows me to communicate directly with distressed homeowners.


Josh: Ok, so postcards must be a great way to target distressed homeowners as opposed to other marketing forms such as email. While email marketing is great, you don’t have access to specific email addresses like you would need to target distressed homeowners. But you can always reach them through their physical address. What is it about your postcards that you think appeals to distressed homeowners?


Dana: I think the fact that it has a clean, simple layout helps. The call-to-action is direct which is important.


Josh: Do you mail to the same distressed homeowner’s consistently?


Dana: Yes, I usually send out postcards 4-8 times to the same group.


Josh: Excellent! We are always telling our customers that consistency is crucial for postcard marketing success. How do you determine the design and layout of your postcards?


Dana: I have a marketing consultant that helps me with that sort of thing. He’s helped me with creating my brand and has helped keep it consistent and relevant.


Josh: What kind of results do you get with postcards?


Dana: I get around 1%. It may not sound like much but postcards are an important tool for having that consistent contact with homeowners.


Josh: Yes, there is definitely value in keeping-in-touch. What role does play in your marketing success?


Dana: I recently decided to go paperless so the fact that I don’t have to inventory postcards is crucial. I simply don’t have the space. takes care of the printing and mailing of my postcards so it really works out well for me.


Josh: I’m glad we can help with that. Our turnkey mailing is definitely a big selling point for us. That’s the last of my questions, is there anything extra you’d like to share?


Dana: Yeah, just that your service is great tool for people like me to use. I actually recommended you guys to the corporate office and they really like what they are seeing.





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