Design of the Week: Candi Pike

Why it’s the “Design of the Week”

  1. Layout:  Eyes generally start in the top left corner of a design and move to the right.  On Candi’s design we see a beautiful curbside shot of the listed property prominently displayed in the top left corner, and are then carried through evenly spaced interior shots that create a natural border.


  1. QR Code:  These are a great way to bridge print collateral with your digital efforts, as long as there is a well-executed user experience after scanned, which is exactly how Candi used the code.  First, there is a cleanly optimized mobile site for those accessing on their smart phone that has detailed information and access to more photos.  For those on tablets a virtual tour instantly loads showcasing the property.


  1. Professional Photos: Not everyone can afford to hire a professional, but on higher end properties the benefit is profound as evident on this design.  Great composition and lighting really make this property shine.


  1. Text Use: The front, or impact side as we call it, isn’t cluttered with too much text.  It gives just enough, along with the photos, to draw interest to the back, where more thorough information can be found cleanly laid out.



Creative Solutions, founded by Candi Pike, has been offering unique real estate marketing solutions to agents in the greater Seattle area for over seventeen years.  The services offered range from personally tailored marketing plans, design services, photography and website design on top of the guaranteed custom solution requested by agents each week.


Joshua Carlsen: Hi Candi, thanks for taking the time to discuss how you’ve been using to increase business for the agents you work with.  While you’ve created several great postcard designs the one we want to focus on today was a recent Just Listed postcard for Kimberly Johnston.  I noticed you chose to use a jumbo sized postcard when creating your custom design, why was that?


Candi Pike: That’s because we find in these higher end markets the larger format postcards generate the most attention, and jumbo postcards are a cost efficient option vs. the panoramic cards.


Joshua: What was your ultimate goal when sending out this mailer, to generate potential buyers for the property or to generate new clients?


Candi: I’d have to say that it’s a combination of both, however, for just listed postcards the focus isn’t as much about getting new clients as it’s more about a soft-sale to get potential buyers and awareness in the neighborhood.  If the focus is getting new clients then we find greater success with multi-property or market update designs.


Joshua: Who did this card go to?


Candi: For all my clients’ listings I recommend doing a minimum of the 100 closest neighbors, and at least 50 of their top clients/sphere, if not more.


Joshua: What kind of results did you get from this just listed postcard?


Candi: We actually got 2-3 inquiries from this mailing and a couple of showings.  I hope to be sending out a Just Sold postcard very soon.


Joshua: How else do you measure success from a mailing?


Candi: We look at a lot of factors that range from incoming calls, visits to a virtual tour, number or referrals, as well as general feedback to a keep-in-touch mailer.  These are all drivers that directly influence an agent’s ability to grow their business.


Joshua: What role did play in your efforts?


Candi: You guys do a lot from providing great quality to an easy ordering system but perhaps the biggest thing we appreciate is that you run your business like I run mine, you focus on servicing the customer.  I’ve tried several other print and mail companies and nobody even comes close to you.  I know that no matter what I can rely on you 100% of the time, which means my clients, can rely on me to grow their business.


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