Data Is The Key To Successful Postcard Marketing

Far too often when I start talking about the benefits of using targeted demographics I see eyes start to glaze over.  Part of me gets that, it’s data and data is boring, right?
Wrong.  Data is, or at least should be, the foundation to any postcard mailing.

We’ve all heard the saying don’t be all things to all people. All too often, it creates the perception you have nothing of value to offer anyone. This is why we teach our customers to identify who they’re talking to before they start crafting their message.

Today I’m going to share two specific demographics and how successful agents are using them to generate new clients in their market.

Homeowner vs. Renter

If this one seems obvious, it’s because it is. People, however, gloss over it all the time.  By targeting renters, especially when factoring in another demographic of household income, you can narrow down your audience in an area that is much more likely to have potential purchasers.

Length of Residence

The average homeowner moves every seven years, so smart agents will use this demographic to target homeowners that have been in their home for more than 5 years; this may need to be adjusted for averages in your local market. This will increase the likelihood that the houses you’re mailing too are much more likely to consider moving.

On average, 8 out of 10 clients who get targeted data through don’t make demographical selections. They use it to target local areas by zip code, radius or by using our custom mapping feature, but skip over the demographics. Remember, it doesn’t cost more to narrow your search using demographics. However, it will help you ensure that your message finds the right person.

Should you need some more help clearing that glaze from your eyes, give one of our reps a call at 800-260-5887.

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