How to Craft The Perfect Postcard Message


Getting your postcard noticed by potential clients can sometimes feel daunting. Agents are not only tasked with trying to design a postcard that grabs the attention of potential customers, but crafting a message that encourages potential customers to act. Direct mail is a waste of time, right?


Below are 8 simple things you can do today to craft a strong, professional postcard that stands out and rises above the competition.

1. Relevant Headline

Your postcard might be the first thing a potential client sees, but your headline is the first thing a potential client reads. For this reason, your headline should resonate with your target audience. Your headline should make your audience feel like you “know” them. By incorporating a relevant headline with strong verbs and adjectives, you not only increase your chances of keeping your audience’s attention, but motivating them to act or follow up.

2. Compelling Offer

Depending on your target audience and marketing objective, determine what type of offer will be most enticing. This might mean up-selling a specific product or service. It might mean a seasonal or other specialized promotion based on purchase habits. Or it might mean a personalized push to convert a specific prospect based on their place in the conversion cycle. Your offer can be as brash as “save 25% on product A!” Or as subtle as “call me to discuss the insurance needs of your growing family.”

3. Clear Call-To-Action

Once you determine your offer, devise a clear a call-t0-action. Whether urging customers to visit a website or take advantage of a special discount, a clear call-to-action in vital to generating interest and sales. A call-to-action means stating what action you would like your customers to take while invoking a sense of urgency or importance. After developing your call-to-action, follow up with an expiration date or incentive to act quickly.

4. Use A Clean, Bold Layout

Keep your message and layout simple. Most people receive a lot of mail and sift through it quickly, so it’s important to make sure your design is easy to scan while in a pile. Simple messages are not only easier to digest, but easier to remember.

5. Print In Full-Color

Print your postcards in full-color and on quality stocks. Black-and-white mailings might be cheaper, but they also look cheaper to potential clients. For some real estate agents, it might be difficult to justify the costs, particularly when working on a budget. However, just remember it only takes one great lead to make it all worthwhile.

6. Customize Your Mailings

Make sure your postcard includes a custom logo and photo. Thankfully online design systems make it easy to customize postcards without any design experience. Simply upload your company logo and head shot and tailor the card to match your brand.

7. Make Sure Your Postcards Survive the Mail

Snow and freezing rain might not stop the mailman, but that doesn’t mean they won’t destroy inferior paper stocks. Fortunately, all direct mail postcards include recyclable UV coating or lamination options at no extra cost. Likewise, if you prefer to test different paper card stocks first, each mailing includes the option to send a card to yourself!

A Little Effort Goes A Long Ways

Designing a professional postcard and embarking on a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. All you have to do is follow the above tips and stay consistent (results don’t always happen overnight!). By following them, your postcard will not only stand out from the competition, but draw the interest of potential clients.

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