Consistent Marketing Pays Off: A Customer Success Story

There are some things in life that don’t pay off as soon as you want them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the time, effort, and money you invest into them. You sow what you reap and sometimes patience is the key.

Meet customer Mary Troller. . .

Mary is a Client Care Representative with RE/MAX in Burke, Virginia. One of her tried-and-true marketing tools is to keep in regular contact with past clients via postcards.

“Postcards are a great way to stay in touch with past clients.  We send holiday or seasonal postcards with a business twist to past clients on a monthly basis and in 3, 4, 10 years they come back to use our services again.  Around 70% of our business traffic comes from repeat buyers and referrals.  Postcards return amazing results!”

Mary understands that constantly reminding your clients of your services will lead to more repeat business down the road. Sometimes, it takes is a little patience to see it through.


A sample of Mary’s regular postcards.

Making it mean something

With all the impersonal marketing clutter the average person gets shoved down their throat it’s no wonder we assume they only want what’s in our wallets. That’s why Mary strives to break through all the static and show customers that she cares for them.

“One of our clients told us that they kept one of our Valentine’s Day postcards on their refrigerator for years.  We hear so many fantastic stories from our customers about our postcards.”

A sample of Mary’s holiday postcards.

What the numbers say about keeping-in-touch

Time and again, research has proven that one of the critical steps in building and maintaining a successful customer base is to consistently keep-in-touch with customers, and direct mail postcards are an effective way to do just that. Studies have shown that in certain industries, such as real estate, keeping-in-touch with customers can lead to 10x the number of referrals as well as increasing commissions by 4-5x and yet It costs less than $300 to have meaningful monthly contact over the lifetime of a client. That’s a small price to pay for such a large return.

At our goal is to “own our customer’s success”. We don’t consider our work to be done after an order is shipped. We take pride in checking back with our customers to see what we can do to better adapt our services to fit their needs so that they can succeed in their marketing endeavors. We strive every day to build relationships as strong as ours is with Mary Troller. She has this to say about

“I never have trouble using  You always help me when I’m in a pinch, like when I couldn’t find a postcard design I liked and one of your creative people created a design that was exactly what I wanted.  I’ve always had a positive experience with you!”

If you have any questions or want help creating designs for your next campaign, give out VIP Customer Support Reps a call at 800-260-5887 and let us be a part of your success today.




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