2018 Calendars: The Perfect Way To Reach New Clients


There are a lot of great ways to reach potential clients, and every agent seems to have their own personal preference. Some agents rely on emails or flyers. Others rely on postcards or business cards. And still others rely on all of the above, choosing to instead diversify their marketing strategy. However, while all of these options are great for generating new business, few of them have the staying power of a wall calendar. Calendars, in fact, are not only a great way to put yourself in front of potential clients, but stay in front of them at an affordable price all year long.

As 2018 approaches, here are some of the reasons you should be using calendars to reach out to clients.

Place Calendars Anywhere

The great thing about calendars is everyone needs one. Even better, they can be placed anywhere. This means clients can hang them on their refrigerator at home, hang them on the wall of their bedroom, or even set them on their desk at work where other potential clients might also see them. Our calendars compliment whatever environment they end up in. The same can’t be said for a flyer.

Customize Your Calendar To Meet Your Needs

Do your clients like landscapes? Animals?  Beautiful American Skylines? If so, we not only offer a variety of themes to choose from, but our design editor allows you to upload your own pictures and create a custom calendar that fits your long term business goals. Likewise, the sidebar and backside of the calendars can be customized to display your personal contact information for when clients decide to call.

Keep-In-Touch Or Meet New Clients

As we mentioned above, calendars are a great way to keep-in-touch with past clients or meet new ones. On one hand, calendars let past clients know that you haven’t forgotten about them (in turn, assuring they don’t forget about you). On the other, calendars are an easy way to break the ice when reaching out to new potential clients. Who doesn’t love a nice calendar? Simply send clients a beautiful calendar with your contact information and let the calendars do the rest. You might be surprised to learn how many different people move within the average year.

Stay In Front Of Clients All Year Long

Calendars last a really long time. In fact, of the different marketing products agents have to choose from, calendars perhaps have the longest shelf-life of them all. That’s because calendars last an entire year, making them the perfect choice for agents who want to maximize ROI and generate new business.

The New Year Is Right Around The Corner

With 2018 right around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin sending out new calendars to potential clients or keep in touch with old ones. To learn more, visit our site or call us at 1-800-260-5887.

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