Business Spotlight: 4 Easy and Unconventional Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores


Your retail business has a lot to offer your target customer, but how can you let them know that in a way that…

Feels genuine?

Adds value to your service?

Helps you stand out from your competitors?


Reach More People By Using Different Channels

flooring   postcardexample

Sales and special promotions are a great way to attract new customers, but first you have to let them know about it. No doubt when you have sales you’re already putting up engaging signage in store, sending out newsletters to your past customers, and posting about it on social media (if you’re not, get on it!). But how do you reach people who are interested in your products, but aren’t already visiting your store, reading your newsletter, or following you on social media?

Next time you have a clearance sale, try sending postcards to residents in your community. Be sure to include a few great photos of your product on the postcard along with a clear call-to-action. Postcards and other forms of direct mail are ideal for retail stores because they enable you to target people in your region – so your advertising will always be relevant and useful.


Deliver Incentives Straight To Your Customer

Incorporating a coupon into a postcard design is an easy way to give your prospective customers an extra incentive to visit your location. And by keeping track of how many customers use your coupons, you can track the performance of your direct mail campaign.


Team Up with Influencers

influencer2  influencer3

Every industry has its share of tastemakers and influencers, and your target customers are listening to them. With the advent of the internet, finding these individuals and building relationships with them is easier than ever. If you have an online store, reach out to popular bloggers who write on topics related to your business. Offer to contribute a guest post on their blog (if you’re a savvy writer) or send them a sample of your product that they can review. If you’re strictly brick-and-mortar, look for bloggers in your region (a simple google search such as “San Antonio food blog” should do the trick).


Build a Cult Following within the Community

Sometimes the best way to attract new customers is through the oldest form of advertising – word-of-mouth. Sponsor a small event in your community. If there’s a college nearby, student clubs often host events. Or reach out to community centers, art galleries, and churches. If you’re a clothing store, you might offer to sponsor a fashion show. If you sell food, music, or entertainment products, try sponsoring a game or movie night. While the event might not attract hundreds of people, you’ll earn excellent PR and devoted fans who will spread the word about your store. And don’t forget to promote the event online and around town!

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