6 Hot Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence & Engagement


In merely a decade, social media has transformed the marketing landscape in ways nobody could have predicted.  Ten years ago real estate agents had to depend on expensive billboards and bus benches to reach prospective clients. Today agents can target prospective clients 24/7 at virtually no cost. Indeed, the digital age has not only flipped traditional marketing strategies upside down, but ushered in new and amazing opportunities.Are you maximizing your presence on social media, reinforcing your brand and doing everything you can to reach prospective clients?

Below are 6 simple ways to increase your social media engagement and presence.


#Hashtags are a powerful tool of communication in an increasingly connected world. They not only transcend social media channels, connecting relevant conversations and topics, but double as a form of expression and convey highly topical information. Do you specialize in luxury real estate?  Tell followers about your latest #milliondollarlisting. More than 30,000 hashtags exist on Instagram for that phrase alone. Are you having a #greatday? Don’t be afraid to show it and humanize yourself. Social media doesn’t just thrive on content. Social media thrives on sincerity and interaction. Let your hair down and jump into the pool.

Custom URL

Branding is vital in real estate. However, branding is more than just logos and fonts. Effective branding is also professionalism, perception and consistency—remembering the little things. This means creating and implementing custom URLs across all social media platforms. Likewise, it means making URLs as consistent as possible. Custom and consistent URLs not only help followers easily locate each of your social media accounts, but project and reinforce a professional image.  Best of all? It’s free!


“Mentions” are a great way to interact with followers and potential clients. And while each social media platform is different, “mentions” are generally exactly what they sound like: mentioning somebody other than yourself in a comment or tweet.  Sometimes this can be as simple as publically thanking someone for following you. Other times it can mean reaching out to someone or involving them in a relevant conversation (note: unless you work in politics, stay away from politics!). Ultimately, “mentions” encourage social media engagement and show you care about your followers.  How much do you care?

Likes, Shares & Retweets

“Likes,” “Shares” and “Retweets” are a less direct way to interact with your followers. However, they can be just as effective. Did one of your followers post something interesting or noteworthy? Sharing that content with your own followers again not only encourages social media engagement, but demonstrates to your followers you actively follow them in return and keep up with their feeds. Remember social media is a two-way street. Don’t expect followers to interact with you if you aren’t interacting with them.  Be fluid—not static.

Valuable Content

Content is king in the informational age. Or to view content and social media from another perspective: “content is fire and social media is gasoline.” Do you regularly post content that your followers find insightful, useful or engaging? Or do you only post things about yourself? Valuable content is not only more likely to be shared on social media—spreading your brand in the process—but helps lead others to you.  That being said, gaining new followers is meaningless if you don’t remain consistent and continue to engage them. Can social media sometimes feel like a full time job? Absolutely! But just remember: it only takes one lead to make it all worthwhile.

Utilize Trending Topics

Out of ideas to share? Leverage “trending topics.” In a world dominated by social media platforms and a fluctuating 24/7 news cycle, think of “trending topics” as topical currents in a digital ocean. There can be more than one at any given moment, spanning all subjects and industries, and anyone can hop in and take a ride. Is there housing news? Financial news? Simply find a topic or event, chime in and let the ocean do the rest. Likewise, trending topics can be used to leverage your own services or products. Just make sure you aren’t too forceful. Keep the “trending topic” at the forefront of the discussion. Nobody likes an overly opportune or pushy salesman. How do you identify a “trending topic”? #Hashtags are a great place to start. Remember those?

Don’t Overthink Social Media

Social media sometimes feels like a complex world full of invisible boundaries and nonsensical etiquette. As a result, it can be easy to overlook or disregard the true value of social media. However, the truth is social media’s influence is only going to continue to grow. Each year hundreds of major companies, including Nike and Apple, invest billions of dollars into social media departments and strategies. Social media is the future and the future is now. Gone are the days of bus benches and billboards. Here are the days of “Retweets” and “mentions.” Embrace it. You will thrive as a result.

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