5 Summer Marketing Ideas to Keep You Top-of-Mind

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to plan your summer marketing. Because let’s face it, once summer starts we tend to get so busy with friends, family and great weather that some of our marketing falls through the cracks. But marketing is the lifeblood of a successful career, so make sure you take the time now to ensure it stays on track.

Customer Appreciation Gatherings

Photo Booth Fun
Photo booths are a great way to get you a broader reach as your guests will share the fun they had on their social media channels!

Customer appreciation events can leave a long lasting impression with clients which helps to secure future business. Perhaps more importantly, they lead to referrals, which is why you should always encourage clients to invite family and friends. Creative gatherings can be as simple signing up for a coffee, beer or wine tasting tour, securing an afternoon with a paint class held at a local restaurant/bar, or renting a suite at a local sporting event. Even if you end up having a BBQ at a local park, consider having it catered by one of the best BBQ places in town. Better yet, rent a photo booth and encourage social media sharing. Client appreciation parties typically come with a hefty bill. However, it only takes one referral to cover the party…not to mention the priceless benefit creating lasting memories.



“I know I need to send something out to keep-in-touch, but I just don’t know what I should send?”  If this thought has crossed your mind before you’re not alone.  Far too often we beat ourselves up trying to come up with new and creative marketing ideas. Holidays, however, give you a quick, simple and effective way to keep your name top-of-mind with your SOI or farming area. Make sure you checkout our 4th of July postcards that are quick and simple to customize.


Send Local Event Schedules

The word “local” is important to real estate agents.  For most people, the single biggest investment we’ll ever make in life is the purchase of a home. Naturally we want to put our trust in an agent who truly knows “our neighborhood”.  Sending out a local event schedule is a great way to reinforce your knowledge of the area. A simple 10 minute search will leave you with countless events to choose from, including 4th of July firework displays, food festivals, musical events, fun runs, and more. Just make sure to feature events you think your audience will appreciate most.


Recipe Postcards

I’ve heard mixed reviews on recipe postcards.  Some agents love sending them out to their clients or farming area, other agents plainly state, “I’m not a chef, so why would I send out recipe cards?”  Well I’m not a chef either, but I still have to cook for my family several times a week. And whenever I discover a good recipe, it typically stays in my rotation for quite some time. This means your name and contact information is getting countless impressions, over and over and over, which is priceless brand reinforcement.


Co-Op Creativity:

Consider sending out a postcard that includes an offer for a local business, one that you think your clients will really appreciate.  One agent recently worked with a local rafting guide service and secured 50% savings for her SOI. The agent paid for the actual postcards. In return, the rafting service absorbed the discount at no cost to the agent because they were able to market to people who otherwise wouldn’t try their service. The results were huge for the agent.  The people on her mailing loved receiving a discount for a fun and local service that made her look like a rockstar.


Have fun this summer, just make sure to take some time now to get your marketing set!  Feel free to call us if you’d like to brainstorm these ideas, or any other summer thoughts you have: 800-260-5887!


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