5 Creative ways to use magnetic business cards



Magnetic business cards are a great way to stay top-of-mind with your customers. But should you just put your name and phone number on them? We think you can make an even bigger impact with just a little creativity. Try out one of these ideas for magnetic business cards your customers will be delighted to receive.

1. Use a photograph of a local landmark

Tap into your customers’ local pride by including a photograph of a local landmark. Just make sure you take the photograph yourself or have the photographer’s permission to use it.

2. Or use artwork from a local artist

If your town has a well-known local artist, try reaching out to them to see if they’re willing to let you use their art. They might appreciate the exposure, and your customers will love having something beautiful to put on their fridge.

3. A list of emergency phone numbers

Having a list of emergency phone numbers on the fridge is a great idea, but many of us (the author included) forget to actually print them out and hang them up. Include numbers for local hospitals, police stations, and useful emergency hotlines. Your customers will snap them up.

4. A series of quotes

Create a series of magnetic business cards with different quotes on them. You could choose inspiring quotes, funny quips…whatever reflects your personality and company brand. Then simply let your customers choose the card that brings a smile to their face.

5. Cooking references

Create a business card your customers will reference again and again by including handy information. You could try a chart showing some common cooking measurement conversions, a list of in-season fruits and veggies, or a chart of ingredient substitutes.


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