5 Common Myths about Direct Mail



Myth #1: No one reads direct mail pieces

False. Studies show that 80% of direct mail gets read or skimmed by the recipient. Not only does direct mail get read, but 46% of people have responded to a direct mail ad they received in the last 30 days. Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to reach prospects…and to inspire them to become customers.

Myth #2: Direct mail is a dying industry

False. The majority of small businesses (76%) use both print and digital marketing, and the direct mail industry continues to innovate. In fact, variable data, print-digital integration, and QR codes have reinvigorated the direct mail industry.

Myth #3: Only older consumers read and respond to direct mail

False. Younger consumers actually prefer getting offers and advertisements via direct mail. As inboxes are increasingly flooded with email advertisements, it makes sense that plugged-in young people would prefer ads that don’t clog their inboxes. So if your target market skews younger, direct mail is the perfect fit for your business.

Myth #4: Direct mail is only for brick-and-mortar businesses

False. Even online businesses can benefit from direct mail. Studies show that customers who buy online spend 12% more if they received a direct mail advertisement prior to their purchase. And with direct mail, you can cut through the noise online and reach potential customers.

Myth #5: Online advertising and social media have made direct mail irrelevant

False. The best thing you can do for your business is to incorporate both print and digital into your marketing mix. Most consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach, where companies are present across both print and digital. There’s nothing more powerful than having consistent branding and messaging across a range of media.

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