4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Business with Compelling Postcards


Few marketing techniques are more time-tested than direct mail. From sitting presidents to notable newspapers to hungry real estate agents, direct mail still remains one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience and generate sales. And for a good reason. According to the United States Postal Office (USPS), 58% of households purchase from direct mail. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone is buying up real estate. What it does mean, however, is direct mail should still play a pivotal role in any agent’s marketing plan.

So what can you do to improve your postcards?

Use Quality Pictures

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words so make every image count!

While hiring a professional photographer is ideal, we know that timing and budget don’t always afford that.  When it comes down to it most cell phones these days are capable of high quality images.  We’ve written about images before here, but in general you want to focus on composition, lighting and resolution.  Composition is really just about framing your picture so that the picture is balanced and from a good angle.  With lighting it’s best to target early in the morning or late afternoon, whichever will ensure that the lighting is coming from behind you.  Resolution ensures that when you’re postcards are printed that they look crisp and beautiful, so make sure your image settings are at the max.

Use Both Sides of Your Postcard

Think of your postcard as real estate. You not only invested in it, but you expect it to pay off in the future.  Why not make the most of the space you have?  All too often real estate agents forget to utilize both sides of a postcard. Worse, agents forget to include adequate contact information. Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking a minimalist approach. Clutter can be equally harmful. But blank space should never take the place of valuable contact or listing information. Whether you are selling a property full of dead grass or a million dollar mansion, you will likely have a tough time selling anything if your target market doesn’t know how to contact you. Capitalize on the real estate you invested in.

Know Your Target Audience

The desire to cast a wide net is understandable. The bigger the audience, the bigger the potential paycheck, right? Not always.  In order to be effective you have to know who you’re talking to before you know what you should say!  Many successful agents specialize in a particular area.  Some specialize in certain locations, others certain homes, others certain demographics.  Targeted mailing lists are a great place to begin. At expresscopy.com, agents can create custom postcards and narrow a target market according to a range of preferences, including age and income. To make the most of your postcards, however, you need to first determine your niche and audience.

Keep Your Emails and Domains Simple

Characters are to domains what anvils are to Looney Tunes.  Marketing extensions such as “MaryThompsonSellsRealEstateinNebraska.com” may seem logical on the surface. After all, Mary Thompson sells real estate in Nebraska, right?  However, the goal of an email or domain extension isn’t to showcase creativity. Long extensions are not only complicated and hard for consumers to remember, but they take up valuable real estate. In addition, major search engines like Google no longer place the same value on keywords they once did. Instead try to focus on your audience. Remember the goal is to inform. The objective is to be the agent potential clients call long after they’ve lost your postcard. How? Because your contact information was easy to recall.

The Takeaway

Every agent is different. Every agent has different needs. But in the hypercompetitive world of sales and marketing, a well organized postcard layout with great photographs, adequate contact information, and a target audience can go a long way in catching the attention of new clients. Remember: Make the most of your real estate investment. Every little edge helps.

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