4 Reasons You Should Be Using Saturation Mailing


Most real estate agents have tried at least one form of direct mail marketing at some point during their careers. Agents, after all, have to generate business somehow. But while successful direct mail marketing sometimes depends on the consistency and frequency of each specific campaign, real estate agents often overlook the other direct mail campaign options at their fingertips.

One great option is called Saturation Mailing, a direct mail marketing solution that allows you to send postcards along the USPS route of your choice at a discounted price.

What are some of the advantages?

Save Money On Postage

Saturation Mailing saves you money! The current cost for postage on the average postcard is about $.49 a postcard. Sometimes more. But with Saturation Mailing, you receive both a special USPS discount, while still getting your postcards delivered to every house in the neighborhood of your choice.

Standout From The Competition

Saturation Mailing uses bigger postcards! No more getting lost in a crowded mailbox. With bigger postcards, you standout out from the competition, while getting more space to include relevant contact and listing information!

No List Hassle

Saturation Mailing takes away the list hassle! No more purchasing or uploading lists. With Saturation Mailing, all you do is choose the neighborhood or area you wish to send postcards. Your postcards are then matched with the delivery route of a local USPS person who delivers them. It’s that easy!

Target Clients Locally

Saturation Mailing allows you to target everybody in the neighborhood! Instead of targeting individual potential clients, your postcards reach everyone on the USPS route, the perfect solution for estate agents conducting a farm campaign or simply looking to generate new business.

Learn More

As you can see, Saturation Mailing is not only a great way to target locally, but to reach more people and save money. To learn more about how Saturation Mailing can work for you, click here or call our free VIP Support Team at 800-260-5887.

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